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Cowbell Liechtenstein small

12,00 CHF incl. tax

Discover the quintessence of Liechtenstein’s charm with this exquisitely crafted cowbell, a classic souvenir that captures the spirit of the Alps. The cowbell is adorned with a hand-painted depiction of Liechtenstein’s scenic beauty, from its idyllic villages to the grandeur of its mountainous landscape, encapsulated in vibrant colors that bring the artwork to life. A symbol of tradition and craftsmanship, this cowbell creates a delightful jingle, reminiscent of the Alpine meadows.

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The cowbell is complemented by a plush red strap, decked with fluffy white and red fringe that dances with each movement, adding a playful touch to this elegant piece. Embroidered with the iconic Edelweiss and a hint of the country’s flag, this souvenir is a celebration of Liechtenstein’s cultural heritage. It’s available in our onlineshop and makes a perfect gift for those who cherish unique collectibles or seek to add a note of authenticity to their home decor.


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