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Flower Shoe glass

12,00 CHF incl. tax

The Flower Shoe Glass uniquely combines artistic flair with functional design, featuring a vibrant bouquet of hand-painted flowers on a glass shaped like an elegant high-heeled shoe. This distinctive piece is adorned with colorful depictions of blue, yellow, and red blooms, expertly painted to capture the lively essence of a spring garden. The gold trim at the rim adds a sophisticated finish, making this glass a stunning addition to any barware collection or a standout centerpiece for special occasions.

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Not just a vessel for beverages, the Flower Shoe Glass doubles as a delightful decor item or a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate unique and creative homeware. Its whimsical shoe shape and floral motifs offer a playful yet refined aesthetic, perfect for display or use during gatherings that require a special touch of charm and whimsy.


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