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Liechtenstein Castle Shot Glass big

8,00 CHF incl. tax

Celebrate your love for Liechtenstein with this beautifully crafted shot glass, featuring a detailed illustration of the iconic Schloss Vaduz. This shot glass, with its wide mouth and sturdy base, provides a perfect canvas showcasing the vibrant and intricate depiction of Liechtenstein’s most famous landmark. Each glass is rimmed with gold, adding an elegant touch to its already sophisticated design, making it a standout piece in any collection or a perfect addition to your barware.

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Ideal for those who collect regional souvenirs or are looking for a unique gift idea, this Liechtenstein Castle shot glass captures the essence of the country’s heritage in a practical item. Whether used for enjoying a favorite spirit or displayed as part of a souvenir collection, this shot glass brings a piece of Liechtenstein’s grandeur to any setting. Its clarity and color detailing ensure that it remains a memorable and cherished item for years to come.


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