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Liechtenstein City souvenir plate big

30,00 CHF incl. tax

Celebrate the picturesque beauty of the Alpine nation with this Liechtenstein City Souvenir Plate, which artistically captures the essence of each municipality within the principality. The heart of Liechtenstein is represented through vibrant, miniature illustrations of its towns and their respective coats of arms, making this plate not only a charming decorative piece but also a geographical tapestry. The golden rim, delicately patterned with stars, adds a touch of sophistication to the plate’s overall design.

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Whether it’s for a connoisseur of European destinations or a treasured memento for a globe-trotter, this souvenir plate is an elegant pick. The craftsmanship evokes a sense of wanderlust, inviting the onlooker to explore the cultural richness of Liechtenstein. While perfect on its own, the plate can be paired with a bespoke wooden stand available for an additional cost, to turn it into a stunning centerpiece worthy of any collection.


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