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Liechtenstein Coat of Arms Finger Hat

8,00 CHF incl. tax

This Finger Hat is not only a playful nod to tradition but also a portable emblem of national pride. It serves as a perfect gift for those who trace their heritage back to Liechtenstein, for enthusiasts of European heraldry, or for anyone who appreciates the artistry involved in coats of arms.

Ideal for collectors and patriots alike, the Liechtenstein Finger Hat is a small yet significant way to honor the symbols that represent Liechtenstein’s sovereignty and its rich cultural tapestry.

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The Liechtenstein Finger Hat is an exquisitely crafted piece of memorabilia, designed to celebrate the proud heraldry of a nation steeped in history. This unique accessory, intended to be worn on the finger, features a detailed representation of the Liechtenstein coat of arms, a symbol deeply embedded in the principality’s identity.

The coat of arms is depicted with precision and vibrant colors, standing out against the backdrop of the Finger Hat’s fabric. It showcases the princely hat atop the shield, the red-and-blue color scheme, and the various heraldic elements that tell the story of Liechtenstein’s noble family and its historical roots.


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