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Liechtenstein Coat of Arms Shot Glass big

8,00 CHF incl. tax

This Liechtenstein Coat of Arms Shot Glass is a striking addition to any glassware collection, showcasing the grandeur of Liechtenstein’s heraldry. The shot glass features a meticulously detailed representation of the Liechtenstein Coat of Arms, adorned with regal symbols and vibrant colors that stand out against the clear glass. The top rim is elegantly lined with gold, enhancing its regal appearance and making it a luxurious accessory for any home bar or display case.

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Ideal for collectors or as a special gift, this shot glass serves as a sophisticated souvenir from the heart of Europe. Its sturdy design ensures durability for practical use, while its artistic depiction commands attention and serves as a splendid conversation piece. This item makes for a thoughtful gift idea for anyone interested in European history or heraldry, or as a memorable souvenir for those who appreciate fine collectibles.


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