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Liechtenstein Coat of Arms Shot Glass

5,00 CHF incl. tax

This shot glass is a salute to the Principality of Liechtenstein, adorned with the detailed coat of arms and the inscription “Fürstentum Liechtenstein,” which celebrates the country’s sovereign legacy. The emblem showcases the regal bearings with a crown atop and a palette of colors that mirror the national identity.

The glass itself is crafted to offer clarity and strength, with a design that makes it a suitable addition to any collection or as a stand-alone souvenir. Ideal for those with an appreciation for Liechtenstein’s history or for collectors of heraldic items, this shot glass holds not just spirits but also the spirit of a nation.

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Sip and savor your favorite liquors in a glass that doubles as a keepsake, immortalizing Liechtenstein’s rich culture and traditions in every toast.


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