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Switzerland City souvenir plate

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Embark on a visual journey through Switzerland with this exquisite City Souvenir Plate, a piece that splendidly captures the essence of the Swiss landscape. Adorned with miniature illustrations of iconic Swiss cities and the unmistakable Swiss Cross, this plate is a true collector’s item. Each depicted scene takes you through the cobblestone alleys of Basel, along the tranquil waters of Lake Geneva, and to the historic heights of the Bernese Alps.

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This decorative plate is not only a tribute to Swiss grandeur but also a remarkable piece of craftsmanship. It’s the perfect gift for someone who cherishes the beauty and culture of Switzerland. Please note, the elegant wooden stand that complements this plate is available for an additional cost, providing a complete display solution that enhances the plate’s charm. This souvenir is a standout offering in any gift shop and is sure to be a conversation starter wherever it’s displayed.

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small 19cm, big 25cm


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