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Switzerland Flag Shoe glass

12,00 CHF incl. tax

Step into a world of Swiss tradition with the Switzerland Flag Shoe Glass, a distinctive and playful piece that combines the spirit of Switzerland with the uniqueness of a shoe-shaped glass. This glass is beautifully adorned with a detailed montage of iconic Swiss landscapes and cultural symbols, centered around the Swiss flag. The precision in detail and the vivid colors make it an eye-catching addition to any glassware collection or as a centerpiece during Swiss-themed celebrations.

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Perfect as a gift idea or as a personal souvenir, the Switzerland Flag Shoe Glass captures the essence of Switzerland in a fun and functional format. Whether used for a drink or displayed as a decorative item, it serves as a charming reminder of Swiss heritage. The golden rim adds a luxurious touch, enhancing its appeal as a collectible item that is sure to spark conversation among guests.


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