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Switzerland key chain Lucerne II

5,00 CHF incl. tax

This delightful Switzerland Cowbell Key Chain is a charming tribute to the scenic city of Lucerne, renowned for its historic bridges and picturesque mountainscapes. Each key chain is a miniature celebration of Swiss culture, featuring a golden cowbell that showcases a beautifully detailed image of Lucerne, complete with the Swiss flag and the word ‘Switzerland’ as a proud declaration of its origin. The cowbell rings with a gentle, soothing sound, reminiscent of the peaceful Swiss countryside.

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The key chain is further enhanced by an intricately embroidered strap, adding a traditional Swiss touch to this quaint accessory. Its compact size ensures that a piece of Lucerne can accompany you wherever you go, serving as a loving memento or a thoughtful gift. Perfect for aficionados of Swiss culture or as a keepsake from travels, it is available in our onlineshop for those who appreciate the finer details in life.


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