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Switzerland Salt & Pepper shaker set of 2

14,00 CHF incl. tax

Infuse a touch of Swiss tradition into your kitchen with this exquisite Switzerland Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. Crafted with precision, each piece showcases a detailed depiction of iconic Swiss landmarks, adorned with vibrant floral patterns and the Swiss flag, bringing the spirit of Switzerland to your dining table. The set features a unique architectural design, with elements inspired by traditional Swiss cottages and the serene Alpine landscape, making it not just functional but a conversation starter at any meal.

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Perfect for collectors and culinary enthusiasts alike, this salt and pepper shaker set is both decorative and practical. Made from high-quality ceramic with a glossy finish, these shakers ensure durability while maintaining their picturesque charm. They are ideal for daily use or as a special display item during gatherings. Their compact size fits comfortably on any table, making them an excellent gift idea for anyone who cherishes unique kitchen accessories or has a fondness for Swiss culture.


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