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Liechtenstein Flag Magnet

8,00 CHF incl. tax

This tastefully crafted Liechtenstein Flag Magnet captures the essence of the proud and peaceful nation in a sleek, enamel-coated design. Displaying the deep blue and bright red hues, along with the regal crown symbol, this magnet is a miniature representation of Liechtenstein’s flag that adheres with ease to any metal surface. Ideal for both locals who want to express their national pride and visitors who wish to carry a piece of their travels home, it serves as a constant reminder of the country’s majestic charm.

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Not just for fridges, this versatile magnet can also be used to decorate lockers, office cabinets, or any metal workspace to add a personal touch. It’s a perfect item for gift shops to offer as it appeals to collectors and patriots alike, becoming a cherished keepsake that holds a place of honor wherever it’s displayed. The magnet is a gift that seamlessly blends functionality with sentiment, making it a thoughtful and elegant choice for anyone connected to Liechtenstein.


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