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Santa Claus Christmas Statue small III

10,00 CHF incl. tax

The statue’s design, with its elongated form, gives a modern take on the classic Santa figure, making it a standout piece for any holiday display. It’s perfect for adding a touch of festive fun to your mantelpiece, shelf, or table centerpiece.

This Santa Claus statue isn’t just a decorative piece; it encapsulates the spirit of Christmas, making it an excellent addition to your seasonal decorations or a charming gift for a loved one.

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This delightful Santa Claus statue is an imaginative and whimsical representation of the beloved Christmas icon. Standing tall and slender, this figure of Santa is full of character and charm, with his traditional red and white suit that’s been given a playful, elongated twist.

Santa is cheerfully extending a gift in one hand, inviting the joy of giving, and in the other hand, he holds a classic green and gold bell, ready to ring in the holiday cheer. His jolly facial expression, complete with a fluffy white beard and rosy cheeks, is bound to bring a smile to all who see him.

Height: 10cm


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